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Trump Makes Crowd Laugh by Revealing Muslim Ban was “Just a Joke”

By Des Stonedeux / May 20, 2017

After agreeing to spend billions of dollars on weapons, Muslim Saudi aristocrats were treated to a rare sampling of Donald Trump’s legendary sense of humor when they were told that Trump’s Muslim ban was “just a joke.” “It was the funniest joke I have ever heard,” a Saudi prince told an AP reporter. “And my […]


Hillary Clinton’s Half of Trump’s Supporters are “Deplorables” Comment was Wrong

By Des Stonedeux / September 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton was indeed wrong with her comment that 50% of Donald Trump’s supporters are “deplorables”. According to The American National Election Studies, which is the gold standard poll of American voters, found that 62 percent of white people are very racist, virtually all of these racists vote republican (racists historically drift to the republican […]

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