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Dyslexic Man Found Not Guilty of Date Rape, Citing “No Means On”

By Des Stonedeux / February 5, 2017

After deliberating for 12 minutes, the jury in Seattle, WA returned a no guilty verdict. “We are happy to see society take a step forward understanding the challenges that dyslexic people face in ordinary, day to day situations,” the man’s lawyer said. When asked for comment, the “victim” said, “Jesus Christ, I was yelling ‘no’! […]


Stanford Rapist Accepts Pick Up Artist Invitation; Reality Show Ratings Soar

By Des Stonedeux / September 7, 2016

Pickup Show Ratings Needing Pickup After record-breaking ratings for season one, Fox’s “Pickup Artist” series went from good to average to terrible as viewers grew tired with the same predictable undersexed outcasts trying to get phone numbers from any female that would talk to them. “Since the second season, we’ve been looking for the ultimate […]